About Us

Technites is a mobile based technology platform designed to link service requestors with ourhighly trained, qualified and certified third-party contractors to complete specialised jobs at the customers premise. Our vetted Technitesare available to conduct a job arising within their proximity and get paid for each completed job within the Technites platform.

The Technitessolution is partof the Cassava On-Demand Services, a business unit of Cassava Smartech. The Cassava On-Demand Services provides real time platforms to connect users to their nearest service provider saving them time and money through increase efficiencies.

The Technites service will:

  • Provide flexible resourcing of trained contractors controlled via an online platform.
  • Deploy independent contractors who are recruited and deployed at customer sites.
  • Provide installation, maintenance and repair services to customers.
  • Manage logistics to deliver high-quality, consistent services including installations, repairs, and maintenance works.
  • Provide an enhanced customer experience in every interaction a customer has with the Technites service.